Our company was born in Potenza about thirty years ago, from
a small family butcher shop, where, in an artisanal way, we started by producing sausage, also known as "Lucanica".
Driven by the passion and the desire to create a genuine product, and also thanks to the ever-increasing demand, the idea was born of building a sausage factory to make known the typical flavors of our land, preserving over time the values ​​and respect for tradition.
From the experience in choosing and cutting the meat, to bagging and tying it by hand, our cured meats are followed carefully throughout the processing stage up to the seasoning and packaging
In the craftsmanship of our products, you can rediscover all the warmth and scent of our roots.
These are the characteristics that accompany us and still inspire us today to improve and carry on Salumificio Bilancia.